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How do Sequoia and Summit Circle power our programs?

Sequoia and Summit Circle donors know first-hand how nimble the Sierra Club must be to protect the planet. While large institutional donors fund many of the Club’s focused campaigns, only a select few make flexible, unrestricted grants. Sequoia and Summit Circle donors provide unrestricted and broadly restricted funds that enable us to make good on our mission. Here are some examples of what this kind of funding delivers:

Strategic Flexibility: Flexible investments make it possible to innovate and improve when needed. After more than a decade of advocacy, legal challenges and partnering with local communities along pipeline routes, we successfully blocked the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Pivoting our forces to other dirty pipelines, oil train terminals and oil export facilities across the country, we rely on Summit and Sequoia Circle support to re-engage with the same commitment to community building and our dedicated legal team.

Rapid Response: When the BP disaster hit the Gulf of Mexico, there was no Sierra Club “BP Disaster Fund.” Our rapid response ability made it possible for us to launch the largest protest in global history and hold BP accountable, in the court of public opinion and for the cleanup of the spill. Having unrestricted funds available ensures we’re ready for the next environmental disaster or unforeseen challenge.

Core Programs: Most funding for broad, core programs like wilderness protection, clean water initiatives, environmental justice work, our outdoor access, and environmental law programs comes from Sequoia and Summit Circle donors.

Robust Organizational Infrastructure: It takes significant unrestricted resources to support: 64 offices nationwide, thousands of volunteers, and millions of members and activists, a top-notch media advocacy team, experienced lobbyists, field-tested organizers, environmental law experts, and to retain all that talent. The combined strength of that infrastructure is critical to our success and power as an organization.

Make Your Sequoia Circle Annual Donation

Sierra Club
Columbia River Gorge
While donations to Sierra Club are not tax deductible, these important advocacy funds allow Sierra Club to push for strong policies at both state and federal levels.
Sierra Club Foundation
Make a tax-deductible donation to the Foundation and support all of our charitable programs. Your support of the Foundation helps us to build a just and healthy society for people and nature through the power of public education, advocacy, organizing, research, strategic communications and litigation.
Environmental Law Program
Join the John Muir Society
If you’d like to direct your investment into our legal work, you may make a tax-deductible donation to The Environmental Law Program. If you’re wondering what your support pays for, find our most recent case updates here.
Monthly Giving
Join the John Muir Society
Join Sequoia Circle as a monthly donor to Sierra Club or Sierra Club Foundation, with your monthly donation of $83.33 or more.

For more information, please contact the Sequoia Circle Stewardship team member in your region:

Michael Ahn
West Coast donors from Washington to California
Cory TenBrink
Serving donors from Ohio to Nevada and everywhere in between (Hawaii and Alaska as well)
Robert Kowsaluk
Serving the East Coast donors from Maine to Florida