Knoxville TN - ICO Volunteer

Knoxville TN - ICO Volunteer

Sierra Club's Knoxville Inspiring Connections Outdoors (ICO) needs local Sierra Club volunteers to partner with schools and community agencies to actively engage low-income inner city youth and adults.

Are you eager to share your enjoyment of the outdoors with others? Enjoy working with youth? The Knoxville Inspiring Connections Outdoors is looking for individuals that lead outings with partner organizations to provide outdoor experiences for the next generation of environmental enthusiasts.

Take That First Step and Contact the Knoxville ICO Volunteer Coordinator.

There are a few requirements to become an ICO volunteer. Outdoor Leader training, Youth Protection training, agreeing to a Code of Ethics, and a background check. Learn more about volunteering for ICO by clicking here and then fill out the form to contact Alice Thornton, our Volunteer Coordinator.

What Are The Qualities Needed For an ICO Leader?

Judgment, inspiration, awareness and current membership in the Sierra Club are the most important qualities in a leader. Fitness level, gender, skin color, sexual orientation, religion, income and educational level do not matter. We welcome and encourage people of all ages and from all backgrounds to become outings leaders! The more diverse our leaders are, the more diverse are the outings we can offer!

Why Be A Sierra Club Inspiring Connections Outdoors Leader?

Empowering youth from communities with limited access to connect and reconnect to the outdoors - for the benefit of both. ICO is helping create the next generation of environmental justice and social justice leaders through building community and increasing exposure to outdoor recreation, advocacy, and leadership training. The leadership skills -- and confidence -- that you help develop extend beyond outdoor activities into professional and personal lives.

Time committment will be 1 to 4 hours per month.

Knoxville ICO Resources Pages: For all things about our team and outings, go to Knoxville ICO webpages.