Growing the Green New Deal

Growing the Green New Deal


The movement for the Green New Deal is changing the course of history, and you can be a part of it.

What Is the Green New Deal?

The Green New Deal is a bold vision to help us transition from an economy of low wages, toxic pollution, and systemic injustice to one driven by dignified work and 100% clean energy for all. Here are three things to know about the Green New Deal. 

3 — The Green New Deal is a massive economic stimulus with 3 essential pillars. There's a wide swath of popular policy ideas that would achieve all three pillars at once. 

  1. Tackling the climate crisis and toxic pollution
  2. Creating good, high-paying jobs
  3. Fighting racial, economic, and gender inequity

2 — The Green New Deal takes aim at 2 of the biggest crises we face: climate change and inequity. These two crises are joined at the hip. The climate crisis magnifies systemic injustices, as many of the same working-class families and communities of color who have to grapple with low wages and toxic pollution are now also getting hit hardest by climate-related storms, wildfires, and flooding. We can’t fully tackle either climate change or inequity without addressing the other. A Green New Deal would take on both.

1 — It's 1 big deal.  A Green New Deal may sound really big. That’s intentional. It’s an invitation for solutions that match the scale of our problems. It's an opportunity to tackle the twin crises of inequity and climate change at the speed and scale that justice and science demand.

We can achieve implementation of a Green New Deal by working to foster alignment behind the overall Green New Deal vision, fueling the current surge in Green New Deal momentum, amplifying state and local policy wins that lay the groundwork for a national Green New Deal, and supporting a nationwide, inclusive process in which frontline communities and workers name specific Green New Deal policy ideas. Please join us!