3 Report Cards on 2022 Local and State Legislators

Three Report Cards

It’s time to see how our elected officials in Sacramento and at our City Halls have been doing in areas of concern to Sierra Club members, and it’s time to see how our endorsed candidates fared in the November general election. 

The Sierra Club California is the legislative and regulatory advocacy arm for Sierra Club chapters in California.  Its staff has put together a report card reflecting the votes cast both by members of the Assembly and the Senate, and how the governor dealt with these bills during the past year.  Looking at these votes from an environmental point of view, the staff of the Sierra Club California has given each member and the governor a score.  Take time and see how your representatives are doing and contact them with cheers or rotten tomatoes.  Unsurprisingly, Governor Newsome passed with a C.  Check out the 2022 California Legislative Report Card.

Our friends at the Climate Action Campaign under the leadership of Ayn Cracium have issued the first Orange County Climate Action Plan Report Card that shows the progress, or lack thereof, each city and the county government is making with regards to climate change.  A major takeaway from the report is that “the County of Orange is the largest county in California without a Climate Action Plan (CAP)”, a situation that cries out for member engagement.  Read the Orange County Climate Action Plan Report Card.

Want to see whom the Club endorsed in Orange County last fall and how these candidates fared in the General Election?  Our Political Committee recommended endorsement of 14 candidates and 10 won their races!  With a 71% success rate, our Political Committee has earned a B+ for the outcome and an A+ for effort.


November 8 General Election 
Winning Candidates Endorsed by the Sierra Club
District SC Endorsed Candidates  
Congressional 38 Linda Sanchez Win
Congressional 46 Lou Correa Win
Congressional 47 Katie Porter Win
Congressional 49 Mike Levin Win
CA Senate 37 Dave Min Win
CA Senate 38 Catherine Blackspear Win
CA Assembly 64 Blanca Pacheco Win
CA Assembly 73 Cottie Petrie-Norris Win
CA Assembly 74 Chris Duncan Win
Supervisor 5 Katrina Foley Win