Save Hobo Aliso Task Force

The California Coastal Commission is considering a cease and desist order to stop SCE (Southern California Edison) to continue to create negative impacts on the Aliso Hobo Ridge, home to several rare plant, in South Laguna Beach.  The task force’s letter of October 30, 2020 to the commission contains this paragraph: 

“As this Commission knows, our task force is no stranger to dealing with utility companies that feel entitled to do as they wish to accomplish their goals. Your staff is once again challenged with SCE conducting unpermitted and destructive pole brushing at Hobo Aliso Ridge even after the rigorous CDP process that we all went through to remove the majority of the poles. The unpermitted projects that these utility companies undertake are worrisome and impactful. The projects often result in the destruction of ESHA and wildlife, trespassing onto park or conservation land, doing work without appropriate studies, and a variety of other consequences. It appears as though facing a violation is just part of doing business for them. They see no down side to doing as they please to accomplish their goals, even if it means destruction or impacts to natural resources - - unless these impacts are brought to the attention of the California Coastal Commission. Our thanks to California Native Plant Society for their watchful and caring eye in this situation, and to Coastal Commission staff for their strong follow up work.”

Penny Elia, chair of the Hobo Aliso Task Force will keep an eye on this fragile and protected area.

2022 Task Force Chair:  Penny Elia