Communications Committee

Our task is to impart or exchange information and news with our members.  Our main concerns are

  • To keep the membership informed in a timely fashion about our many activities.
  • To give members opportunities to voice their opinions and to share their interests
  • To stay in touch with like-minded groups and organizations to remain informed and to further our interests

We implement these concerns via these specific communications channels

  • Our website provides complete and timely information about all our activities and programs as well as surveys to gauge members’ feelings/opinions about issues that concern them.
  • Our blog provides frequent updates on matters of interest to our membership and gives them an opportunity to respond.
  • Our bi-monthly newsletter sent to all members publishes in-depth articles about matters of interest to our membership as well as a schedule of our outings and meetings.
  • Our bi-monthly membership meetings provide a social gathering place, programs about matters of interest, and opportunities for members to voice their concerns and opinions.  Watch the video recordings.