Outings Committee

The Outings Committee of Sierra Sage is devoted to supporting the goals of the Sierra Club to explore, protect and enjoy our natural environment by leading many kinds of outings including hikes, beach walks, backpacking trips, car camping, trail maintenance hikes, snowshoe trips, overnight bus trips, kayaking trips, bike rides, photography walks, and more, all led by trained Sierra Club leaders. 

Our goals are to provide enjoyable and informative outings, while ensuring the safety of our participants and leaders.  Both members and non-members are welcome to join in our activities, which for the most part are offered free of charge.  Sierra Sage outings are socially inclusive; we welcome people from all different walks of life.

Sierra Sage leaders plan our outings and post them to appear on the websites of the Angeles Chapter and Sierra Sage (under Outings).  A list of outings is provided quarterly to all interested members via email.  Some of our outings may also appear on Meetup sites.   Outings are led at different levels, depending on their difficulty, from easy on-trail hikes to off-trail adventures. 

Outings leaders

Outings leaders connect people with nature in an informative setting.  The benefits of becoming a Sierra Club leader include being able to select the type, location, and pace of the outings.

What are the qualities of a good leader?

A good leader enjoys working with people in an outdoor setting, enjoys organizing outings, exhibits good character and good judgment.  He or she can motivate and inspire participants and demonstrate environmental awareness.  We welcome and encourage people from all backgrounds to become outings leaders.  The more diverse our leaders are, the more diverse are the outings we can offer.

Interested in becoming an outings leader or have questions?
If you think you might like to become a leader, contact the members of the Outings Committee or the Angeles Chapter Leadership Training Committee.  Our Sierra Sage leaders can act as mentors to guide you through the process.

Take that first step and attend a Leadership Training.
The Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club offers training several times a year.  Please refer to the information provided by the Leadership Training Committee on the Angeles Chapter website. 

Two Leadership Training Seminars will be offered this winter/spring:

Winter Seminar: Saturday, Feb. 12

Spring Seminar: Sunday, Apr. 3

Interestied parties please use this link for more info and application forms:


Why be an Outings Leader?
The leadership skills and confidence you develop often strengthen your personal life. 

Certified Outings Leader Qualifications:

  • Current Sierra Club member.
  • At least 18 years of age.
  • Basic First Aid and CPR certification or higher.
  • Complete the Outings Leader Training - Basic ("OLT 101") or comparable training from local outings entity.
  • Have outing participant skills appropriate to the activities of the trip towards the advanced end of the scale.
  • Provisionally lead at least one outing and receive a positive evaluation by the Mentor Leader (for basic level).
  • Receive approval to lead outings from the Outing Chair or delegated authority of the Entity sponsoring the outing.

Resource:  www.sierraclub.org/angeles/leadership-outings

 2022 Committee Co-Chairs:  Sylvie Cote & Todd Clark