Most of your Sierra Club membership dues goes toward national projects.  When you donate directly to Sierra Sage or the Angeles Chapter, every dollar stays here in southern California.  These contributions go a long way to support our local political actions and programs to keep our environment clean.

We need your financial support to make sure there are wild places and open spaces in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Sierra Sage and the Angeles Chapter are working hard to protect these places and, where possible, to restore lost open space. Our ability to continue speaking out for the environment depends on the money we raise from citizens like you.

There are many ways to give Sierra Sage and the Angeles Chapter.  Please note that contributions to Sierra Sage and/or the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter are not tax-deductible.

  • DONATE ONLINE TODAY with your Visa or Mastercard credit card using our secure online service with a one-time or a recurring contribution.
  • MAIL YOUR DONATIONS to:  Sierra Sage, P. O. Box 524, Lake Forest CA 92609
  • DONATE YOUR OLD CAR to the Sierra Club Foundation’s Vehicle Donation Program.
  • Ensure your environmental legacy by naming Sierra Sage and/or the Sierra Club Angeles Chapter in your will or trust. These gifts cost you nothing now, yet they support a powerful environmental movement and vibrant outings program for years to come.
  • Contribute your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE GIFT to the Sierra Club Foundation to support conservation, public outreach, and educational activities of the Angeles Chapter.