Networking is very important for our group since we cannot alone achieve the goals we have set for ourselves, but networking is equally important for our members who need to interact with like-minded people to avoid going nuts during this time of Covid-19 induced isolation.

Fighting climate change is our top priority.  Organizations with a similar focus are marked with an asteriks.

The web of networks that Sierra Sage participates in is only as strong as the people who create it.  And this may you.  If you feel you can contribute to our network, don’t feel shy about jumping right in.  To give you an idea of who our networking partners are, here’s a list of organizations we currently keep in touch with:

  • Banning Ranch Conservancy
  • California Department of Parks and Recreation – Crystal Cove State Park
  • Cleveland National Forest – Trabuco Ranger District
  • Climate Action Campaign*
  • Climate Reality – Orange County Group*
  • Coast Keeper*
  • Irvine Ranch Conservancy
  • Laguna Canyon Foundation
  • Orange County Climate Coalition
  • Orange County Coast Keepers
  • Orange County Interfaith Commission on the Environment*
  • Orange County Parks
  • The Reserve at Rancho Mission Viejo
  • Sea & Sage Audubon Society
  • Sierra Club
    • Angeles Chapter*
    • Climate Action Team*
    • Orange County Group
    • Rio Hondo Group
    • Sierrans Section
  • Solar Rights Alliance*