Campaign Roadmap


Campaign Roadmap

This toolkit provides tips and resources to help you set up your own local campaign—and win!

This roadmap is designed to support you and your community to achieve an equitable and just transition to 100% clean, renewable energy for all.

The following phases should serve as guideposts rather than requirements. Your campaign will probably jump back and forth, or repeat steps. Organizing doesn’t always follow a straight line, and it’s up to you to create the path that works best for your campaign and your community. Be innovative, creative, and adaptive. This will ensure the success of your local campaign as well as the national 100% clean energy movement as we learn from each other.

Get a clear understanding of your community and its unique needs.

Know Your Community

What does your community care about and what does it need? What are its values, its history? Who makes up your community? Start your campaign by doing your research.

Start Phase 1

Recruit a core group of volunteer community members for this campaign.

Build a Team

Find strategies to build a diverse team that represents the whole community, then allocate roles and responsibilities, complete trainings and gather partners and allies.

Start Phase 2

To set achievable goals and meet them, you have to have a clear strategy.

Plan Your Strategy

Campaigns require strategy. A strategy starts with vision, builds an understanding of power, sets goals and tactics, and then makes a plan. Your strategy will also include writing the commitment you want to see achieved. It’s time to get to work.

Start Phase 3

Plan a kick-off event, email your supporters, and alert the media.

Public Launch

Digital media, print media, in-person events—get the word out about what a transition to 100% clean energy will look like in your community. Your campaign narrative can help you achieve your goals: it’s time to narrow your message, identify your audience, and tell your story.

Start Phase 4

Organized supporters can move a decision maker to action.


Your campaign has to continually organize supporters by educating them, building your power, and pressuring the decision maker. Find the tools and strategies to take your campaign from idea to action to victory.

Start Phase 5

What’s next between now and 2050?

Implementation and Beyond

The campaign doesn’t end with a commitment. How can we hold decision makers accountable to implement clean energy policy and make 100% a reality? Learn about your role in transitioning your community to renewable energy.

Start Phase 6