Online Organizing


Online Organizing

This guide covers the basics of Online Organizing—what it is, when to use it, and how to use it—for the success of your campaigns!

Online (or Digital) Organizing is the process of building relationships and mobilizing people through online interactions -- and it is a powerful tool to help in your campaign efforts! In many ways, it represents the crossroads of Communication, Organizing, and Policy work. So before you start this section, please make sure you've started working through the Campaign Roadmap (the phases of organizing). the Communication Guide (how to develop and tell your story), and the Policy Basics (understanding the language and research of the campaign).

The Role of Online Organizing

Online organizing is a vital part of your campaign organizing, your communication, and your policy work. So it’s important that you understand the power and tools available to use online.

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What’s in your Digital Toolbox?

Digital 101

Digital tools help us meet people where they are. Learn how you’ll use these tools to move supporters up the Ladder of Engagement.

Digital 101

Use AddUp to create online engagement and events

Online Actions & Events

Learn to take your campaign online through RF100’s digital organizing tool, AddUp. Recruit, plan and engage your supporters.

Online Actions

Use Marketing Cloud to engage supporters through email

How to Use Mass Email

Mass emails help you reach and engage your supporters. Learn how to use Marketing Cloud, plan email arcs and follow best practices in emailing.

Mass Email

Best practices for using Mobile Commons and Hustle

How to Use Mobile Alerts

With the importance of phones, we have to reach supporters on their devices. Learn how to use RF100’s tools Mobile Commons and Hustle to send broadcast and peer-to-peer texts.

Mobile Alerts

Use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to support your advocacy work

How to Use Social Media

Social media helps amplify advocacy efforts by reaching more people, in more places, faster than ever before. Learn best practices for using various social media platforms for your campaign.

Social Media