Communications Guide



Every cause, issue, and campaign begins with a story. How will you tell yours?

Communication is essential to grassroots organizing. In this guide, we’ll help you learn to tell your story and amplify the stories of your entire community. You’ll then use these stories to develop your message, form a strategy, and make a plan, keeping in mind our commitment to equity and justice. We offer plenty of tools, tactics, and templates to help you develop a communication strategy for success.

Learn how to develop your story and craft your strategy for success.

Communications 101

To communicate the purpose of clean energy transitions and make meaningful change, you first need to understand your story and how to tell it effectively.

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Learn how to craft a strategy to effectively share your story.

Crafting Your Communications Strategy

Once your story is in place, it’s time to build a strategy. Develop a plan to spread your campaign’s story and a way to assess your success.

Craft Your Strategy

How can I be the most effective communicator about clean, renewable energy?

Best Practices & Additional Resources

Campaigns require strategy. A strategy starts with vision, builds an understanding of power, sets goals and tactics, and then makes a plan. Your strategy will also include writing the commitment you want to see achieved. It’s time to get to work.

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Find the tools and templates that you need to share your story.

Tools, Tactics, and Templates

When you have your communications plan, and you’re ready to start mapping campaign milestones and moments across your timeline, consider when and where to use various tactics to get your message out there.

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