About Our Program

Democracy for All

Why does Sierra Club work on strengthening our democracy?

The fight for equity, democracy, and a livable planet are interconnected. Many of the critical issues that our nation faces -- tackling the climate crisis, transitioning to 100% clean renewable energy, combating environmental injustices, accessible reproductive healthcare, criminal justice reform, to name just a few -- cannot be fully addressed until we fix our broken democracy.

Too often the communities most impacted by climate change and pollution are the same communities targeted by fossil fuel billionaires, voter suppression, and silenced by big money in politics. Without the ability to easily cast their ballot, everyday Americans will have far more difficulty electing the candidates who best represent their values and priorities into the halls where decisions are made. That's why protecting the right to vote, ensuring free and fair elections, and reducing the influence of polluters and big money in politics are top priorities for the Sierra Club. Without action to protect and strengthen our democracy, everything we’ve worked for could be undermined.

Additionally, a strong and healthy democracy must include a strong and healthy judiciary. Without judges and justices who are fair and just in our district and circuit courts, as well as the Supreme Court, many of our environmental priorities will be at risk.

How we work

Sierra Club's Democracy Program participates in a number of pro-democracy and judicial coalitions, composed of other environmental organizations along with organizations across the broader progressive movement including those who work on civil rights, good government, faith, voting rights, labor, and reproductive rights. Together, we fight for a fair and equitable democracy where every American can easily cast their ballot for leaders who best represent their values, principles, and priorities free from the corrupting influence of the fossil fuel industry and billionaires.