About Us

A National Environmental Organization with Strong Grassroots in New Jersey

What We Do

The NJ Chapter promotes awareness and action in local and statewide conservation and environmental justice issues, and sponsors outings for adults and youth, to promote the awareness of our environment. As a grassroots advocacy and lobbying organization, the New Jersey Chapter also engages in political activity, working to elect environmental champions and pass legislation to meet the demands of the climate emergency. Find an event or a local meeting. 

Why We Care

New Jersey faces daily challenges to our environment. Ours is the most densely populated U.S. state. The open space that preserves our clean air and water is constantly under threat from development and pollution. We face pressure from mega-warehouses, pipelines, new fossil fuel power plants, and “recycling” plants all of which threaten to make our state unlivable. Years of environmental rollbacks and budget raids have weakened New Jersey’s ability to withstand this onslaught. Find out more about the issues we care about. 

How We Do It

Our Chapter’s many dedicated volunteers are supported by a volunteer executive committee, and a small, hardworking staff based in Trenton. Local groups meet regularly and provide delegates to the executive committee. Within the Chapter, issue-based committees address specific issues such as transportation, environmental and social justice issues, conservation and more. Many of these committees are coordinated with national and regional Sierra Club campaigns, such as the Beyond Coal Campaign, or the Grassroots Network, which provide training, coordination and support. 


Our Mission

The New Jersey Chapter's 20,000+ members are a powerful voice working to defend our right to a livable environment. We're motivated by our mission to enjoy, explore, and protect New Jersey's wild places and to responsibly promote our right to a clean environment.  Read more about the Chapter's mission.

Our Work

Our state is a crossroads for environmental action. New Jersey Chapter volunteers are working to maintain the quality of our environment: our water, air and noise levels, our beautiful green spaces and our livable neighborhoods. Read about the issues where we are focusing our efforts. 

Chapter Contacts

How to reach our staff and volunteer leadership