Land Use

Land Use Affects New Jersey’s Water, Soil and Air

Our state is the most densely populated in the nation. It’s no surprise that we face constant environmental threats: to the aquifers that provide our drinking water, to the quality of the air we breathe, and to the land, animals and plants that support our farms, our recreation, and even helps mitigate the effects of climate change.

Whether it’s illegal dumping, toxic air and water pollutants, threats to wetlands, or just the never-ending pressure on open spaces, assaults to New Jersey’s environment affect all of us.



A Wide-Ranging Set of Issues

We’re currently monitoring or actively fighting many issues including: 

  • Cleanup of NJ’s many Superfund sites
  • The explosion of warehouses along all our transportation corridors 
  • Development that threatens Category 1 streams 
  • Stormwater runoff 
  • Increasing highway construction
  • Threats to parkland, protected areas, and vital aquifers

We’re also actively involved in many legislative issues that affect our environment.  If you believe that there’s an issue in your area that puts our environment at risk, contact your local group chair. 

Join Our Movement

Local Groups meet regularly, and each Group has a conservation chair. Sierra Club membership is not required to attend Group meetings. View the Calendar to join the next meeting! Our Statewide Conservation Committee meets once a month, either virtually or in-person. Contact the Conservation Committee Chair for more information. 


Land Use Protection Primer. This guide was developed to help NJ activists and would-be activists negotiate the process of opposing a land use threat. It clearly lays out the process that developers must go through to obtain permits from all the State agencies. In the process it outlines exactly where you can take the fight. 

Read Land Use and Preservation in New Jersey: A Beginner’s Guide