Volunteer with the Sierra Club here in New Jersey!

We have a place for you, no matter what you’re skills or interests! We’re always looking for people to help with conservation, organizing, and activism, as well as volunteers to lead outings and hikes. We need help with fundraising, writing and research. We can use energetic volunteers who want to learn about and work on issues from wind and solar power to land conservation, from clean air and water issues to transportation, green infrastructure, and more. 

What’s your passion? Reach out and we’ll talk! Contact Chapter Chair Richard Isaac 973-716-0297, risaacx@aol.com  

State-Level Opportunities

Inspiring Connections Outdoors (ICO) Leaders - ICO is dedicated to providing safe and fun wilderness trips for children and teenagers with limited access to the outdoors. We’re looking for volunteer leaders who will help us to facilitate, lead, and promote events that will educate and foster a love of nature and the outdoors for youth in New Jersey who may not otherwise have the opportunity or the means. The program works to reduce barriers by providing gear, transportation, trip fees, and leaders to create opportunities to explore, enjoy, and advocate for nature. These activities include day hikes, backpacking, camping, kayaking, and educational programs. Visit the NJ Chapter ICO page. To volunteer, contact Oscar Nazar, chair.njico.sierraclub@gmail.com.

Marketing and Ad Sales –The Jersey Sierran, our quarterly newsletter, is looking for a volunteer with marketing expertise to help us sell ads in the newsletter. Developing a stream of ad revenue is essential to support Club activities and offset the cost of producing the newsletter. Your involvement will help achieve critical goals for a sustainable and better-quality way of life in New Jersey. If you’re willing to help, please contact Tony Hagen, editor@newjersey.sierraclub.org.  

Legal Research – As the Chapter is very much involved in advocacy, including the implementation of New Jersey’s laws, rules and regulations, as well as work on both proposed and introduced legislative bills, it needs an individual to help with legal research and interpretation of New Jersey’s environmental statutes and the Administrative Code. If you’re interested to learn more, please contact Richard Isaac, richard.isaac@sierra.club.org.

Video Production – Would you like to work on producing video to help spread our message? Video volunteers will work under an experienced video producer to create shareable videos. Subjects include outings and hikes, events, activism, issue “explainers,” and more. Good ideas, self-motivation and willingness to learn are more important than experience.  Your work can increase awareness of climate, environmental, and environmental justice issues, promote the natural beauty of our state, and encourage others to join us!  Contact Judy Minot, secretary@newjersey.sierraclub.org.

Environmental and Social Justice Committee – We are working to promote social, racial and economic justice for impoverished and overburdened communities throughout New Jersey. To do so, we are building working relationships with other community leaders and grassroots organizations and collaborate on our ideals, knowledge, expertise, resources and collective opportunities. Join us as we work to support these communities in their efforts to achieve equality and equity so they can live in an environment free from environmental racism, social injustice, climate injustice, economic injustice and discrimination. Read more about our work. To join us, please contact Renée Pollard, rpollard16@comcast.net.

Opportunities with Local Groups/Sections

To find out about volunteer opportunities in our Local Groups and Sections, contact your local group directly, see the listing of Volunteer Opportunities in the sidebar of this page, visit the Sierra Club's Volunteer Connection page, or see the most recent issue of The Jersey Sierran