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Chester County is Ready for 100% Renewable Energy

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Chester County Ready For 100 is part of a national, grassroots movement of people working to inspire our leaders to fight climate change and embrace a vision of healthier communities powered with 100% clean, renewable energy. We seek to create safe, livable communities which protect and bolster public health, improve air and water quality and foster sustainability, equity and resilience in the face of climate related disruptions. Wondering if what we do really matters?  

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The Virtual Table

If not us, who? If not now, when?

We invite our local governments to lead the way to a transition away from dirty fuels like coal and fracked gas to 100% clean energy sources like solar and wind.  We are asking Supervisors, Councilors, Mayors, CEOs, religious leaders, principals, college presidents, civic and community leaders, parents and students in Chester County to commit to solutions that help us achieve 100% clean, just, and renewable energy. 

We have a lot to be proud of! Southeastern PA has the largest number of active Ready for 100 communities in the country.

Currently there are 11 communities which have committed to transitioning to a 100% energy future in Chester County.  Is your community one of them?   Check here to find out!

We are different from some traditional grassroots campaigns in a few ways. Ready for 100 (RF100) is a distributed campaign, which means we support community volunteers and local leaders who work in their own township, city or borough pursuing equity through transitions to 100% clean renewable energy. We believe local leadership is essential. Nationally we’re building a movement amplifying our experiences to demonstrate that 100% is not only possible, but it is happening now. These two strategies together are helping shift public understanding of our cleaner and healthier energy options. We see a growing public determination to transition our energy sectors to a just 100% renewable energy future.  Download our flier here (page 1, page 2). 

Learn Why It Matters!

And more than 150 cwindities, including Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, St. Petersburg, and San Diego, have already adopted ambitious 100% clean energy goals. Six cities in the U.S. -- Aspen, Burlington, Georgetown, Greensburg, Kodiak Island, and Rock Port -- have already hit their targets for renewable electricity.



Who we are and what we do in Chester County

We are a diverse and splendid mix of historical, agricultural, and entrepreneurial communities. We value nature and protect open spaces. We value innovation and cultural creativity. Chester County has 73 townships, boroughs and cities. Each with its own challenges and opportunities in the transition to 100% renewable energy. Our volunteers aopen skyre also diverse - teachers, parents, engineers, medical professionals and CEOS, youth, energy experts, realtors, energy efficiency professionals, artists, retirees, members of many faith communities and working people from all walks of life.

The objectives of the Chester County is Ready For 100% Clean Renewable Energy team are to support Chester County Townships and Boroughs to:

  • adopt a resolution that commits the community to transition to 100% renewable electricity by January 2035 and to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions in all remaining sectors which currently use fossil fuels (transportation, buildings and other stationary applications) by January 2050.  This represents an increase and an acceleration of the Connections 2040: Plan for Greater Philadelphia which sets a target of reducing regional emissions to 50% below their 2005 levels by 2035 and calls for a 60% drop by 2040 in order to achieve an 80% reduction by 2050. Learn more about our regional energy use and regional goals at  Review the guidelines for crafting a 100% resolution at the bottom of the 100% Commitments page.

  • establish policies and programs to modernize our system by shifting to renewables for electricity production and by helping electrify our transportation and heating and cooling sectors.  The transition to 100% renewable energy will help us build both a sustainable energy system and a sustainable local economy.

  • establish policies and voluntary and publicly supported programs to ensure universal access to clean energy for ALL, including moderate and low income families.


Our Approach

  • We work directly with Environmental Advisory Councils (EACs), Sustainability Advisory Committees (SACs) and Boards of Supervisors to start the conversation about making a pledge and making a plan to achieve 100% clean renewables

  • We organize presentations and feedback sessions with the public and elected officials to look at what a transition plan could look like

  • We encourage cooperation among neighboring communities -  regional planning saves money, shares expertise and accelerates progress

  • We coordinate with our early adopters and energy champions - civic groups, health and educational institutions, businesses and residences that recognize the responsibility and the achievability of 100% Renewables.  We highlight their successes through tours, talks and webinars. Take a look here at resources from some of our events

  • We do outreach and education to the community by attending local community events, hosting workshops, films, internships, tours and online seminars.

  • We help families and businesses get started! We facilitate access to how to information and home and business energy audits and solar, geothermal and heat pump professional estimates through Solarize Southeast PA and PECO.


Join Us!

The Chester County is Ready For 100% Clean Renewable Energy team has volunteers working on approaching their townships and boroughs to pledge their support for clean and renewable energy. We always welcome individuals willing to help our effort as a whole and those willing to develop a group to move forward in their own township or borough.  Here are ways to get involved:

  1. Complete this Volunteer Interest form. Someone from our team will get back to you.
  2. Set up a one on one conversation to explore your options
  3. Host an orientation where you live and learn more with friends and neighbors. Contact us at
  4. Select a working groupsun

            New resolutions – we support new teams developing a relationship with their local elected officials and providing them with the resources they need to draft, discuss and pass a Ready for 100 Resolution - jump to RF100 Support Team for Resolutions page.

            Transition Plans – we support communities that have passed resolutions and now need to craete an action plan. We offer a planning template, suggestions for creating a planning process and provide examples of success from other communities. - jump to RF100 Support Team for Transition Planning.

            Outreach and education – we develop materials to share with the public, set up displays at community events, connect with youth, parents and teachers, organize tours and workshops, and organize efforts to get school districts on board with Ready for 100. - jump to RF100 Support Team for Community Outreach.

• The Chester County Ready for 100 Campaign will prepare and empower local communities (boroughs, cities and townships) to do their fair share in keeping the increase in global temperature to between 1.5 and 2.0 Celsius as agreed upon by the international community and thereby protect our communities from catastrophic climate disruption.