RF100 Info Center

On these pages you can find information and references related to best practices for setting renewable energy goals, energy transition planning, taking RE/EE action (products & services), local and state policy and help with community engagement (selling the transition plan).

Also, you'll find contact info for the volunteer teams that are working diligently to keep these pages useful, organized and up to date. Invite them help with your next RF100 challenge.

If you'd like to join one of these RF100 support teams, contact jim.wylie@verizon.net. 

Support Teams


Links to passed resolutions sorted by: locality, size of town/city/county, state energy policy, etc.



Links to energy transition plans sorted by: locality, type (CAP, SAP, Energy), region. As well as info on drafting an RFP to do professional planning, funding sources for planning and suggestions on doing stakeholder engagement.



A collection of references to mostly local companies that provide products and services related to renewable energy and energy efficiency products and service as well as financing opportunities, group purchasing projects (Solarize) and regional planning commission (DVRPC) organized projects.



 References and opportunities for municipal government to advocate and encourage RE/EE transition in residential and business sectors by enacting supportive policies (ordinances, permitting processes, checklists, etc). Also, information on state and federal action that will help municipalities achieve its RE goals.



Information on supporting public hearings and workshops aimed as "selling" the energy plan that was developed for that community. Also references to online community info centers and promotions that we like.


Energy Ed    Energy Education - live and recorded webinars about EE and RE actions and policies that our leaders (elected and volunteer) can take advantage of.