Under Pressure from Citizen Groups, Fracked Gas Mountain Valley Pipeline Halts Construction in Virginia


Doug Jackson, 202.495.3045 or doug.jackson@sierraclub.org

RICHMOND, VA -- Today, Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) announced it is suspending construction activities in Virginia. The halt comes after citizen advocacy groups reported dozens of suspected water quality violations to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). The fracked gas pipeline has also received several notices of violation from West Virginia regulators and was forced to stop construction activities in West Virginia waterways due to an unlawful permit.

A statement from DEQ says, “construction activities within the project’s right of way (a 125-foot wide construction corridor) will resume only after MVP receives approval by DEQ.”

In response, Sierra Club Virginia Chapter Director Kate Addleson released the following statement:

“Virginians know that the Mountain Valley Pipeline threatens our health, water, and communities to transport fracked gas that we don't even need. After years of speaking out against this dirty, dangerous pipeline, the pressure we have brought to bear on MVP and Gov. Northam is paying off.

“There is no right way to build these fracked gas pipelines, and while we are pleased to see construction temporarily halted while DEQ investigates the reported violations, the only way to truly protect our water, climate, and communities from the MVP would be to abandon the project completely.”

Jason Shelton, Program Administrator of Mountain Valley Watch, said:

“MVP only stopped construction because citizens and landowners held them publicly accountable. Mountain Valley Watch reported more than 25 suspected violations of commonsense water protections and demanded enforcement actions from DEQ. We are glad to see construction temporarily halted, but it is important that Virginians continue to stand for our water and communities and against the polluting corporations pushing the fracked gas MVP.”

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