California Air Resources Board Adopts Landmark Zero-Emission Truck Rule


Katherine Garcia,, 347-636-0979

SACRAMENTO—The California Air Resources Board (CARB) on Thursday unanimously approved a first-in-the-nation standard that will deliver zero-emission trucks to California. 

The Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT) Rule will help slash diesel emissions, improve air quality and spur the electric truck market. Today CARB continues its legacy of safeguarding public health for all Californians.

The regulation requires manufacturers to produce zero-emission trucks beginning in 2024 and increases production targets through 2035. By including large pickup trucks, delivery trucks and semi-trucks, the ACT Rule will help transform the entire freight industry. 

CARB also signaled that it is firmly committed to achieving a zero-emission fleet of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles by 2045, and earlier in certain market segments such as drayage trucks, refuse trucks and government fleets.

For three years, Sierra Club California volunteers and staff, along with a coalition of environmental justice groups, health organizations, environmental allies, labor unions and industry partners, pressed CARB to produce an effective rule to accelerate the supply of zero-emission trucks. 

In response, Katherine Garcia, Sierra Club California Policy Advocate, released the following statement:

“The clean trucks rule is a win for the environment, air quality and the economy. 

“Californians who live near a port, a freeway, a freight rail yard or a warehouse district get hit daily by toxic pollution from trucks. They are more likely to suffer from lung and heart disease and shortened lifespan. 

“Thanks to this new rule, these vulnerable communities can look to a future when they won’t be burdened by harmful health impacts from the constant diesel soot of dirty trucks. 

“The ACT Rule will ensure a steady supply of zero-emission trucks. It will serve as model regulation for addressing poor air quality and the climate crisis. 

“The future of freight in California is electric.”

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