Biden-Harris Administration Announces Billions in Passenger Rail Projects Across the Nation


Larisa Manescu,

LAS VEGAS, NV – Today, the Biden-Harris administration announced $8.2 billion in new funding for 10 major passenger rail projects across the country, including:

  • Major upgrades to frequently-traveled rail corridors in Virginia, North Carolina, and the District of Columbia;
  • Upgrades to Chicago’s Union Station, a major rail hub;
  • High-speed rail between California and Nevada;
  • High-speed rail throughout California’s Central Valley, ultimately linking the major cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Today’s announcement builds on a long-standing effort from the Biden administration to improve the nation’s rail through major federal investment. The funding is a part of the $66 billion for rail in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law passed in 2021, the largest investment in passenger rail since the creation of Amtrak 50 years ago.

In August, Sierra Club released an updated statement on rail, outlining a series of recommendations to improve both passenger and freight rail, as well as expand rail electrification. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is providing a once-in-a-generation investment to expand and improve our passenger and freight rail system. This is a guide for successfully implementing the funding. 

In response to today’s rail announcement, Sierra Club’s Clean Transportation for All Deputy Director Rebekah Whilden released the following statement: 

“Investing in rail is a climate solution – and the Biden-Harris administration is delivering on it in a historic way with billions in funding for major high-speed rail projects across the country. Replacing car and plane trips with rail will help reduce traffic congestion, cut climate emissions, and create good jobs.

“Personally, I can’t wait to ride the train to visit my parents in Asheville from Charlotte!” 

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