About This Toolkit

About This Toolkit

Welcome to the Activist Toolkit—a one-stop shop for helping your community reach 100% clean, renewable energy!

Clean energy is taking the world by storm, and it’s time for every person in every community to take part in it—starting in your city or town. To ensure the vision of 100% clean, renewable power becomes a reality, we need people power: local activists pushing for a transition to a cleaner, healthier, more affordable, and more just energy system. Here’s where you come in.

What is the Activist Toolkit?

This Activist Toolkit is a guide for running a local campaign to reach 100% clean energy for all. The Sierra Club has compiled the best of what we know about how to organize a team, build grassroots power, tell effective stories, and move people to action. We’ve turned this learning into a comprehensive toolkit for you to organize a local campaign where you live. We hope you will explore the resources within this guide to start, strengthen, and transform your local activism for 100% clean energy.

Ready For 100 Campaign Principles

You must sign on the Campaign Principles before continuing in this guide or with your campaign. Read them now if you haven’t already.

Read & Sign the Principles

How to Use the Toolkit

This toolkit is organized into three sections:

  • Campaign Roadmap
    The Campaign Roadmap is a step-by-step organizing playbook broken into six phases:

    • Phase 1: Research & Community Mapping

    • Phase 2: Build a Campaign Network

    • Phase 3: Plan a Strategy

    • Phase 4: Public Launch

    • Phase 5: Organize, Build & Leverage Power

    • Phase 6: Implementation & Beyond

  • Online Organizing Guide
    The online organizing guide will help you build your online presence and make the most of the digital tools available to reach your campaign goals.

  • Communications Guide
    The communications guide offers tips and tricks for telling compelling stories and utilizing media to spread your message and build public support. Mastering comms skills is critical for shifting public will around what’s possible.

We recommend taking your time with each of these sections from start to finish. You can find all three main guides of the toolkit in the green navigation bar. You’ll also find a resource library, which is a great way to quickly search for specific resources, from logos and images to templates and how-to guides.

Who Is This Toolkit For?

This toolkit is for you! Wherever you may be geographically, and whatever level of organizing and activism you’ve engaged in to-date, there’s a place for you in the 100% clean energy movement. This toolkit will help you find your part in a local campaign, build one from scratch, or deepen your organizing, communications, and digital skills to strengthen your advocacy.

While we don’t know everything there is to know about climate and clean energy organizing, we’ve seen teams come together, achieve major clean energy victories in their communities, and work toward implementing their 100% goals—and we’ve captured some of the learnings from those successes (and stumbles!) in this toolkit. And we’re still learning! Join our distributed campaign to learn from a network of hundreds of activists leading RF100 campaigns in their communities already.

Take Action

Ready For 100 is a Distributed Campaign

Join a local RF100 campaign near you—Take Action, RSVP to attend an event (virtually), or learn more about launching your own campaign or event.

We’re committed to 100% clean energy for 100% of the people, and we know how we get there is just as important as getting there. .