2022 Legislative Session

Top Chapter Priorities

Salmon Recovery -- From the coast to Puget Sound to the Snake River, bold action to recover our endangered salmon populations across the state is a top priority for Sierra Club. 

Fighting Sprawl to Protect Climate (HB 1099 and SB 5042) -- We support the Futurewise-led Washington Can’t Wait campaign to pass two bills that will revise our Growth Management Act to better plan for climate and close development loopholes that exacerbate urban sprawl. 

Clean Buildings -- Buildings are WA’s fastest growing source of climate pollution. We need to expand the availability of incentives for utility customers to switch from fossil fuels to clean electric appliances. 

Affordable and Dense Housing Choices -- Our climate and housing crises are deeply intertwined. We support policies to reduce climate pollution and improve affordability by enabling the growth of dense, walkable cities and towns with more affordable housing choices. 

Buy Clean Buy Fair -- Our state investments should support manufacturers who utilize clean manufacturing practices and strong labor standards. 

Climate-Focused Transportation Investments -- Transportation in WA’s largest source of climate pollution. We need investments that end the status quo by stopping needless highway expansion and instead funding transit, electrification, walking, and biking.  

Energy for All (HB 1490) -- Clean energy is a human right, and nobody should have their heat turned off for failure to pay a bill. We’re proud to support this campaign led by powerful frontline organizational partners Front and Centered and Puget Sound Sage. 

We are a member of the Environmental Priorities Coalition and share our commitment to priorities decided in coalition with our partner organizations each year. 

Sierra Club’s state legislative agenda is determined by our chapter’s volunteer Legislative Committee, who will continue to meet and evaluate bills and priorities in the lead up to and throughout the 2022 Legislative session. Stay tuned to this page for updates and specific bills. 


Volunteer Lobby Team Program

One of the ways our volunteers can get involved is joining a District Lobby Team. We match Sierra Club volunteers with their state legislators to communicate about Sierra Club priority issues. The chapter provides lobby training, issues briefings -- including fact sheets and alking points -- and overall Lobby Team support. 

Lobby Team Info Hub

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