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The Washington State Sierra Club works to elect environmental champions to political office. Once elected, it's up to citizens to hold elected officials accountable to protecting our salmon and orcas, advance equitable policies to stop climate change, and safeguarding Washington's clean air and water for all to enjoy and explore. 
One of the ways our volunteers can get involved is joining a District Lobby Team. We match Sierra Club volunteers with their state legislators to communicate about Sierra Club priority issues. The chapter provides lobby training, issues briefings -- including fact sheets and alking points -- and overall Lobby Team support. 
If you are interested, contact Barbara Boyle with any questions about getting involved. 

For Volunteer Lobby Team:

Meeting Prep

☐ Schedule your meeting on the In-District Meeting Scheduler 
☐ Review the list of bills Sierra Club supports and opposes
☐ Review the factsheets for each bill

After your meeting

☐ Fill out the Meeting Report Back Form