Southern Resident orca are swimming on the brink of extinction, today they are considered one of the most endangered marine mammals in the world. To make matters worse, the Chinook salmon populations these whales rely on for food are just a remnant of their former levels, leaving orca starving and malnourished. Click here to learn more!

Public lands are central to Washington state's identity and it’s critical that we recognize the progress that has been made to preserve these places, and the ongoing need to keep them intact. The Washington State Chapter is always looking for volunteers to help lead in protecting the places they care about and help build bridges and new partnerships that connect diverse communities and viewpoints. Click here to learn more!

Sierra Club has bold goals nationally, including a 50% reduction in oil use, 100% carbon free grid by 2030, and transitioning our economy in ways that transform economic, racial and environmental inequity in parallel with other movements addressing injustice. Locally we seek to establish Washington State as a leader in demonstrating a Just Transition and shift in power to localized structures and economies that provide economic security for all Washingtonians. Click here to learn more!

In order to safeguard the natural environment that the Sierra Club founders prized, we must take a hard look at our cities, and how our lifestyle bleeds into the very places we’ve sworn to protect. What we build and how we build it is inextricably linked to our environment. Housing and transportation must be key components to our strategy to combat the climate crisis. That’s why the Washington state Sierra Club is focusing on transforming our cities’ infrastructure to prioritize protecting our environment, our health, and our most vulnerable. Click here to learn more!

Are you a civically-engaged individual that's concerned about conservation, habitat protection, and energy policy? Do you have an interest in politics? Do you want laws that protect our environment? If so... Join the Political Committee and help elect climate champions in Washington State! Click here to learn more!