Issue Fact Sheets

The following materials have been prepared to provide some facts on these important issues.

Re-Thinking Single Use Plastics
A powerful ban on single use plastics is being phased in in New Jersey. Learn more about the real costs of single-use plastics and why it's so important that we support alternatives to plastic carry-out bags, straws and polystyrene foam food containers. (Fact Sheet)

Sparta Mountain Forest "Stewardship" Plan

NJDEP's recent (2016) proposal to engage in forest "stewardship" in the Sparta Mountain Wildlife Area has generated criticism from residents in the area and many environmental groups, including the NJ Sierra Club.  This overview spells out the major criticisms of the plan.

NJ Sierra Club Overview Presentation

This is a recent PowerPoint presentation describing the issues that the NJ Chapter has been active in addressing.

Raritan River Fact Sheet

A summary of contamination sites along the Raritan River.

A Strategy For Opposing Fracking Damage

  • Oppose pipelines and pumping stations particularly through sensitive areas
  • Take action to overturn the veto on the NJ Fracking Waste Ban and NJ Fracking Ban
Fracking Facts!
Fracking's technical term is hydraulic fracturing, which injects millions of gallons of water mixed with toxic chemicals, into the ground horizontally breaking up the bed rock to obtain natural gas. Risks. There are many risks associated with fracking particularly dealing with water contamination of wells in surrounding areas of where drilling is being done.
Opposition to A2586 Exempting Private Universities and Private Colleges from Land use Law
Under the guise of creating "parity" between public and private universities in oversight of their development and expansion projects, this bill instead gives private universities and colleges a free pass to develop what and where they want, without regulation or review by the local community in which they are situated.

Other resources for those going before municipal boards when requesting resolutions: 

Jeff Tittel Opinion piece "Bill Exempting Private Colleges from Local Zoning Would Pave Over NJ" in The Princeton Patch on Oct 15, 2012. 
Oct 17, 2012 Chapter Press Release "NJ Sierra Club Opposes Exempting Private Colleges from Land Use Laws."

Volkswagen Settlement
For nearly 500,000 model 2009–2016 motor vehicles, Volkswagen knowingly incorporated cheating computer systems that run emissions controls during testing but do not run during normal vehicle operation.   In September 2015, the U.S. EPA filed a complaint against Volkswagen with other parties soon following suit.  In order to settle the allegations of cheating emissions, Volkswagen agreed to spend up to $14.7 billion for remediation of NOx emissions.   In order for New Jersey to be given this funding, our State Governor, must submit a certification that identifies a Lead Agency (“Beneficiary”), no later than 60 days after the Environmental Mitigation Trust Effective Date (“TED”). This is expected to take place in January 2017. Within 90 days afterwards, the Lead Agency will be responsible for seeking public comment and filing a plan to claim $65M for the State of New Jersey.
These factsheets provide more information:
                VW Settlement Overview
                Frequently Asked Questions
                Electric Ports Fact Sheet
                Electric Trucks Fact Sheet
                Electric versus Diesel
                EV Charging
                Ways to Multiply the VW Settlement
                Zero Emission Bus Fact Sheet
Choose to Reuse
Incinerators and landfills were found to be the top polluters in New Jersey.

Since 1990 recycling has dropped dramatically in New Jersey then we recycled over 50% of municipal and household waste and now we are only recycling 37.1%.

Legislation like the Smart Container Act would alleviate the amount of plastic that enters our landfill by placing a small fee on the bottles encouraging individuals to recycle by getting money back for the bottle. 2/3 of plastic and glass as well as 50% of aluminum go to landfills and incinerators. Michigan gets a 97% recycling rate and less litter because of their deposits on beverage containers.

Clean & Green Energy
New Jersey is currently second in the nation in solar installations with over 26,000 clean energy jobs. These great accomplishments could be in danger because of Governor Christie's new Energy Master Plan.
Know Your H20
Did you know that MOST of New Jersey's water bodies are TOO POLLUTED for people or aquatic life

Turns out that 77% of New Jersey's waterways do not meet all uses - drinking, swimming, and fishing - under the Clean Water Act!

Stop the Tennessee Gas Pipeline (TGP)!
The Tennessee Gas Pipeline (TGP) will result in the destruction of environmentally-sensitive lands, including water supply watersheds, wetlands, and even the Monksville reservoir. Several public lands across the Highlands region will be impacted as well: Long Pond Ironworks State Park, the Monksville Reservoir, Ringwood State Park and the Ramapo River Reservation.
PFAS: What You Need to Know About Your Water

Communities around the United States are facing grave threats to their
drinking water and health due to Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances
(PFAS). Sierra Club is dedicated to supporting communities affected
by PFAS contamination and end the ongoing uses of PFAS chemicals in
fire fighting foam, fabrics, food packaging and other products. We must
hold chemical companies and the military responsible for cleaning up the
pollution they have created.

Heat Pump Fact Sheet
Affordable technology now exists to help homeowners do their part to cut climate pollution. Heating and cooling systems, also known as heat pumps, provide energy efficient solutions to home heating needs that save you money on your energy bills.