Issue Fact Sheets

Re-Thinking Single Use Plastics
A powerful ban on single use plastics is being phased in in New Jersey. Learn more about the real costs of single-use plastics and why it's so important that we support alternatives to plastic carry-out bags, straws and polystyrene foam food containers. (Fact Sheet)

Land Use Primer  
For the past several decades up to fifty acres per day have been lost to development as the suburbs push into the exurbs and the exurbs eat away at the farms and forests. 

Critique and Recommendations: New Jersey's Black Bear Management Program
The Chapter reviewed all of the Division of Fish, Game, and Wildlife’s black bear reports, particularly focusing on the Division’s 1997 Black Bear Management Plan. Chapter members had numerous discussions with Division personnel. The Chapter also reviewed the New Jersey Independent Bear Panel Report, issued March 2003 to New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Campbell, at his request. Based on these reviews, the Chapter has identified three main issues of concern in the State’s black bear management program, as described in the document.

PFAS: What You Need to Know About Your Water
Communities around the United States are facing grave threats to their
drinking water and health due to Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances
(PFAS). Sierra Club is dedicated to supporting communities affected
by PFAS contamination and end the ongoing uses of PFAS chemicals in
fire fighting foam, fabrics, food packaging and other products. We must
hold chemical companies and the military responsible for cleaning up the
pollution they have created.

Heat Pump Fact Sheet
Affordable technology now exists to help homeowners do their part to cut climate pollution. Heating and cooling systems, also known as heat pumps, provide energy efficient solutions to home heating needs that save you money on your energy bills.

New Jersey Forest Stewardship Task Force Report (February 2023)
The report calls for the State Legislature to direct the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to take a number of actions, including conducting a statewide planning and mapping process for forested public land based upon the best available science and commencing a formal rulemaking process for the development of forest management plans in public forests. 

Land Use and Preservation in New Jersey: A Beginner's Guide (2022 Revision)
This guide was developed to help NJ activists and would-be activists negotiate the process of opposing a land use threat. It clearly lays out the process that developers must go through to obtain permits from all the State agencies. In the process it outlines exactly where you can take the fight. 

Clean Transportation for All: Building a Frequent Service Bus Network for Northeastern New Jersey (February 2020)
New Jersey Sierra Club (NJSC) has completed a study of frequent weekday bus service in Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Passaic, and Union Counties, with the complementary goals of increasing bus ridership and reducing car vehicle miles traveled (VMT). Both goals are critical to addressing climate change and promoting environmental justice.

Clean Transportation for All: Improving Access to New Jersey Public Transit Information (January 2020)
Analysis and recommendations based on a review of the NJ Transit website and transportation agencies elsewhere in the United States, as well as suggestions from our members and other New Jersey residents.

Offshore Wind Turbines Make Sense for Environment
Fossil-fuel industries’ wild claims about offshore wind development have been refuted by extensive environmental and technical analyses

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