New Jersey Chapter Policies

Important Principles and Proposals in Planning and Implementing Affordable Housing Projects
This document is intended to serve as a statement of the principles and proposals the Sierra Club, New Jersey Chapter believes are important for decision makers in the implementation of affordable housing projects and the quality of life issues essential to a just, equal and thriving society.  

Warehouse Policy Statement
New Jersey Sierra Club insists that warehouse and distribution center development minimizes impacts upon this planet’s resources and creates an environment that is highly efficient and non-polluting.

Transportation Policy
With respect to transportation, we believe that our mission is best advanced in New Jersey by reducing the need for modes of transportation that foster suburban sprawl and contribute to traffic congestion, air pollution, and global warming.

Critique and Recommendations: New Jersey's Black Bear Management Program
The Chapter reviewed all of the Division of Fish, Game, and Wildlife’s black bear reports, particularly focusing on the Division’s 1997 Black Bear Management Plan. Chapter members had numerous discussions with Division personnel. The Chapter also reviewed the New Jersey Independent Bear Panel Report, issued March 2003 to New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Campbell, at his request. Based on these reviews, the Chapter has identified three main issues of concern in the State’s black bear management program, as described in the document.

Position on Mid-Scale Solar Power Production
The New Jersey Sierra Club would prefer solar on rooftops, parking lots, brownfields, etc. As with housing, mid-scale, for-profit solar installations on farmland should be clustered on no more than 10-15% of the total area.