Proposed ExxonMobil Settlement

People have been upset and even outraged by the ExxonMobil Proposed Settlement and it is even worse than we expected.

Under the original proposal, New Jersey was to receive $8.9 billion for natural resources damages, but under this deal the state would only receive $225 million. The money was for restoring the site for the contamination and loss of more than 1,500 acres of wetlands, marshes, meadows, and water impacts from the Bayonne and Linden Refineries.

The new agreement now includes 16 additional sites and an estimated 800 gas stations, not just the two refineries. This deal only requires Exxon to cap and fill the sites, which is not really a clean-up. Instead of cleaning it up, they would leave tons of oil and chemicals in the ground. These sites are extremely contaminated and impact streams and wetlands.

Since Exxon does not have to fully clean these sites, it is a huge financial giveaway. Under New Jersey law, the public is supposed to be compensated for the loss of resources and contamination of waterways held in the public trust. This case not only hurts the environment, but is the biggest sellout of taxpayer money in state history!

We are currently in court attempting to block this settlement.