Sierra Club's Home Solar Power Partnership

Home with solar panels


To confront climate change, we need climate actions and solutions. One step we can take is to power our homes with clean energy, such as SOLAR.

The Sierra Club is teaming up with SunPower to help our members and supporters go solar and fight climate change.  Check out our special offer for Sierra Club NJ Chapter members and supporters! $1,000 for you, and $1,000 for Sierra Club!  

This partnership makes it easy to go solar. The purchase of a solar power system from SunPower via the New Jersey Chapter qualifies the buyer for $1,000 mail-in rebate. PLUS, the NJ Chapter receives $550 to support our work - including fighting for clean air and water and protecting the health of our communities.

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Here is how the program works:

  • When you go through the Chapter’s unique access link to request a quote, you will be contacted by a local Solar Advisor, who will set up an appointment with you to evaluate your home for installing a solar power system. The Chapter receives $50 for each appointment processed via our unique link, even if no contract is signed.
  • If it is determined that you can indeed use solar power, a contract is signed, and the mail-in rebate is processed, the Chapter receives $500 of the $1,000 that comes back to the Sierra Club. Chapters and the National office of the Club split the revenue to pursue and fund other critical programs. (Note: Sierra Club receives the revenue even if you fail to fill out the rebate form.)

Solar for home not only helps the environment, but saves money as well. You can lease the system or purchase it. Leasing saves 20 to 25% off the electricity bill immediately and this saving grows with time. If purchased, the payoff period is usually less than 7 years and shorter for larger systems. The Federal Government rebate and the Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) offered by the State of New Jersey help reduce the cost of the system significantly. (Note: 2019 is the last year to get this 30% rebate. The rebate will decline to 26% in 2020, 22% in 2021, and end in 2022. The State of New Jersey gives one SREC for each 1000 KWH of energy generated.)

To show an estimate of possible savings, the following example is based on the actual numbers from the solar system purchased (not through this program) in Aug 2015 by the author for his home, located in Monroe Township.  This shows the payout period of his investment. Your experience may vary based on usage, home location, updated 2019 pricing, and the future of the Federal/State subsidy programs.

System size (based on 501 kwh average monthly consumption)

4550 watts (14 solar panels)

Date of installation

December 2017

System price (negotiated from higher price)


Cost in Dollars per Watt


Final purchase price


Less Federal Rebate (30% of final price)


Net out of pocket cost


Return on investment:


Cash from SRECs over two years (approx. 5 certificates per year, $206 per certificate)


Electricity bill savings as of Dec 2019 (approx. $660 per year. Average bill before solar: $70, after solar: $15)


Monthly Savings = (2060+1320)/24


Balance as of December 2019


Months required to payoff the balance = (6653/141)


Balance as of Aug 2023


Thus, total payoff period (years)



Request your quote today and see if solar power is right for you!

Additional information, when available, will be provided in future issues of the Jersey Sierran newsletter. In the meantime, please contact the NJ Chapter Home Solar Coordinator Abbas Salim (email , cell 408-242-6315) for questions or assistance with getting the quote from SunPower.



The author is a retired Lockheed Martin Space Systems engineering fellow, and is an expert in Space and Terrestrial Solar Power Systems with over 45 years of experience.  He is currently the New Jersey Chapter Home Solar Coordinator.

27 July 2019