Inaugural Ride for the Region Challenge Launches with Eight Employers


Larisa Manescu,

Ride for the Region


Washington, DC — Today, the Ride for the Region Challenge launched to spur transit ridership and cut transportation pollution.

Eight employers, including universities, non-profits, and companies throughout the District, Maryland and Virginia, are participating in a public transportation competition to get more folks enjoying regional bus and rail services.

This challenge features a bracket format. Organizations will go head-to-head each week to see who can generate the most transit trips. The organization with the highest proportion of transit trips as a team over a one-week period will advance to the next round. The competition will run through the end of April, Earth Month.

Quotes from participating organizations:

"The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) is excited to be a part of this regional challenge, which is providing an opportunity to encourage the broader community to take advantage of transit as the safe, easy, and accessible way to make trips this Spring,” said Paul P. Skoutelas, APTA President and CEO

"American University is excited to participate in this regional challenge to increase mass transit use and help AU reach our transportation and sustainability goals,” said Lucas Franco, Transportation Demand Management Coordinator, American University

 "As we strive to tackle the pressing climate challenges facing our region, it's clear that increasing the use of public transit is a key solution. For Gannett Fleming, participating in the Ride for the Region Challenge is not only about friendly competition but also about catalyzing a sustainable transportation shift that benefits our environment and community health," said Robert M. Scaer, PE, CEO and President, Gannett Fleming

“Every trip taken by public transportation instead of a car reduces climate pollution and traffic congestion. Sierra Club is looking forward to participating in this challenge to support our regional transit and rail systems. We’re excited to get on board!”, said Katherine García, Director of the Sierra Club’s Clean Transportation for All campaign

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