Sierra Club Vermont 2020 General Election Endorsements


In these unusual times, sometimes it's hard to believe there are some aspects of life that are proceeding as usual, although in much-altered form. One of those is the upcoming Presidental and Vermont General Election. It is upon us, many of you are even now sending in your ballots. 

In the Vermont Sierra Club, we have a team of dedicated activists who have been busy researching candidates, through surveys, interviews, scorecards, and other research. We held a primary debate among the Democratic candidates for governor. We are now prepared to offer you our list of general election endorsements.

We ask you to consider these suggestions, as candidates we find are prepared to further the values we all share about a healthy planet and a just and equitable society.


  • For Governor: David Zuckerman (See the Environmental Town Hall with David Zuckerman)
  • For Lt. Governor: Mollie Gray
  • For Attorney General: T.J. Donovan
  • For Secretary of State: Jim Condos
  • For State Treasurer: Beth Pearce
  • For Auditor of Accounts: Doug Hoffer


Addison County
Chris Bray
Ruth Hardy

Chittenden County
Chris Pearson
Kesha Ram
Michael Sirotkin
Phil Baruth
Virginia "Ginny" Lyons

Orange County
Mark A. MacDonald

Washington County
Andrew Perchlik
Anthony Pollina
Ann Cummings

Becca Balint

Allison Clarkson
Dick McCormack


Addison 4
Mari Cordes

Bennington 4
Kathleen James

Caledonia 2
Chip Troiano

Caledonia 3
Scott Campbell
Brice C. Simon

Chitt 2
Jim McCullough

Chitt 3
Trevor Squirrell

Chitt 4-1
Michael I Yantachka

Chitt 6-1
Carol Ode
Robert Hooper

Chitt 6-2
Emma Mulvaney-Stanak

Chitt 6-3
Curt McCormack

Chitt 6-4
Brian Cina
Selene Colburn

Chitt 6-5
Gabrielle Stebbins
Tiff Bluemle

Chitt 7-1
Martin LaLonde

Chitt 7-3
John Killacky

Chitt 7-4
Maida F. Townsend

Chitt 8-1
Marybeth Redmond
Tanya Vyhovsky

Chitt 9-2
Sarita Austin

Martha W Allen

Franklin 3-1
Mike McCarthy

Grand Isle-Chittenden
Mitzi Johnson
Andy Julow

Jo Sabel Courtney

Lamoille Washington
Avram Patt
Dave Yacavone

Orange 2
Sarah Copeland Hanzas

Katherine Sims

Rutland 2
David Potter

Washington 3
Tommy Walz

Washington 4
Mary Hooper

Washington 5
Kimberly Jessup

Washington 7
Kari Dolan
Maxine Grad

Windham 2-1
Emilie Kornheiser

Windham 2-2
Mollie Burke

Windham 4
Mike Mrowicki
Michelle Bos-Lun

Windsor 1
John Bartholomew

Windsor 3-2
Alice Emmons

Windsor 4-2
Kevin "Coach" Christie

Windsor Orange 2
Jim Masland
Tim Briglin

Windsor 4-2
Rebecca White