Clean Transportation for All

In order to make the biggest impact on our climate goals, the Vermont Chapter of the Sierra Club is focused on our transportation system. As climate pollution rises in Vermont, transportation accounts for nearly 40% of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions. This figure is at once a startling reality yet also an opportunity for great change. It is our mission to reach the goals in the Paris Agreement by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation in Vermont by 20% by 2025. At the same time, we must increase access to and affordability of low-carbon transportation modes for all Vermonters.

Recent studies determined that electrifying transportation would produce the best results for addressing climate change in rural communities. The Vermont Chapter will use our existing network to promote vehicle electrification and other means of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions from transportation. As transportation costs disproportionately impact economically vulnerable Vermonters, developing alternatives that assist households with lower incomes is important. We support incentivizing the purchase of electric vehicles, efforts to increase use of public transportation, and implementing Complete Streets principles to develop communities that are conveniently accessible to more than motorized vehicles.  

In recent years, our successful advocacy efforts have produced major investments in clean transportation, including nearly $40 million dollars in electric vehicle incentives and charging infrastructure. We hope to build on this success by increasing support for transit options and making roads safe for bicycles and pedestrians. We must do all we can do to reduce carbon emissions and ultimately reduce vehicles' miles traveled.

These steps and actions will contribute to our ultimate goal: healthy, thriving communities across Vermont, connected by affordable, accessible, and reliable transportation powered by 100% clean, renewable energy sources.

Join our Volunteer team today to help us with these key priorities:

  • Advocating for the Advanced Clean Car and Clean Truck Rules(Vermont rule-making process July-November)
  • Promoting and Hosting National Drive Electric Week Events(August-October)
  • Advancing sensible bicycle policy by hosting fun outings to connect people with biking.
  • Lobbying Vermont legislators and administration officials to adopt clean transportation policies.

The Transportation team meets on the first Thursday of the month at 5 pm, see the events calendar to register to attend. For more information please contact Robb Kidd at