Citizen Advocacy: Advice from the Lobbyists

Lobbying at the Vermont State House can be difficult for the average citizen to understand and make a difference if they don't know the process and whom to speak with. The Sierra Club staff lobby on behalf of our members, however, there are numerous professional lobbyists daily influencing the process. Not all lobbyists are "bad" and in many cases, citizen groups, workers, and other interest groups really upon the contract lobbyists to make their case to elected officials. We were joined by Amy Shollenberger of Action Circles with a panel of lobbyists explaining how lobbyists operate in the State House. Panelists included Rebecca Ramos of the Necrasson Group, Falko Schilling of the American Civil Liberties Union, and Robb Kidd Vermont Sierra Club staff lobbyist. Recorded Dec 2, 2020.