Why Update Vermont's Renewable Energy Standard?

On Wednesday, April 26, the Sierra Club hosted Renewable Energy Vermont's Deputy Director Jonathan Dowds on how a coalition of renewable energy leaders and environmental organizations have come together to reform the Renewable Energy Standard.  
As the Vermont Senate Committee on the Natural Resouces and Energy and the House Committees on the Environment and Energy are both poised to look into this issue it is a very timely discussion to educate yourself on the status of what is happening and why we all have come together.

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What does a strong Renewable Energy Standard look like?

It would prioritize the development of new renewable resources that truly reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout Vermont and the rest of New England. It would fix the fundamental flaw in the 2015 Renewable Energy Standard – an overreliance on existing renewables that failed to reduce regional carbon pollution. H.320 would do just that by requiring Vermont utilities to get 60% of their power from new renewables while getting Vermont to a 100% renewable energy future.

WATCH Below or Access the Presentation Slides here.