Climate and Clean Energy

The Sierra Club across the United States recognizes the crisis nature of climate change and is committed to a just and equitable transition to a post-carbon economy.  Our Vermont Chapter has been actively engaged on climate and clean energy issues for decades, starting with hosting our Cree and Inuit neighbors from the north as they paddled down Lake Champlain on the Odeyak in 1990, raising awareness about the dangerous nature of the rapidly expanding Hydro-Quebec megadam network.  Our work on climate and energy has always been grounded in a deep recognition that energy issues are issues of justice and equity, and that false solutions can do more harm than good.  Today, chapter advocates do our best to engage broad support for strong solutions, whether it’s about reducing our demand for polluting sources of energy, developing a stronger green energy sector, or helping to navigate the way to a resilient and equitable future in a climate-changed world.