Nominations Needed for New Executive Committee Members in Vermont

As the Vermont Sierra Club Chapter moves our advocacy efforts into the winter, we are setting up our yearly effort to nominate members and volunteers to the Executive Committee.

To do this, we're looking for members to nominate someone, or self-nominate themselves for the Vermont Sierra Club Executive Committee. All Executive Committee Members must be dues-paying members of the Sierra Club, and dues-paying members get to vote on candidates for the Executive Committee.

As America's oldest grassroots environmental organization, our strength lies in our members lending their time to advance the Sierra Club mission. Executive Committee members are expected to attend our monthly Executive Committee meetings and have an active role in one of the teams or functions of the Chapter.

The Vermont Sierra Club has some exciting plans for the coming year as we continue our leading advocacy efforts to advance clean transportation and energy and ensure housing is affordable, sustainable, and resilient. We are also on the verge of revitalizing our land conservation and outings program to better contact with our members and to build community. 

If you're interested in submitting a nomination for yourself or another Sierra Club member to join the Chapter's executive committee please complete the short Google Form with a statement of interest or nomination.

If you have any questions or would rather start by getting involved with one or teams, transportation, energy, land conservation and outings, or political team please email Robb Kidd, the Vermont Conservation Program Manager at

Together we can build community while exploring, enjoying, and protecting the planet.