Action Updates

When equipped with knowledge and power, no one tolerates pollution in and around their homes. We use our communication to ensure Virginians can take action when our climate and communities are under threat from polluters, bad-faith politicians, or misguided policy.  

What We'll send

We are committed to sending information that we believe is vital to ensuring a livable future for all people in Virginia. This includes issue updates, event notices, and online and in-person action opportunities that easily connects people with the right decision-makers. Our Chapter is committed to preventing spam of any kind, and you can easily unsubscribe at any time. 

How does signing up for email benefit Virginia's future?

  • Virginia Chapter staff identifies key decision-moments (both local and statewide) so you don't have to. Our updates will let you know what is happening and how to get involved. 
  •  Our online "action-alerts" make contacting your representatives and decision-makers easy. The information you provide enables us to connect you with representatives without the hassle of looking up contact information or writing technical comments -- but you can always add a personal message!
  • Our chapter isn't solely focused on statewide action. We send out opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals in local communities in every region of Virginia.