Climate, Energy and Justice Legislative Scorecard

Who's Protecting Virginia's Environment and Communities from Polluters at the State Capitol?
The Sierra Club Virginia Chapter is Keeping Score.











This Scorecard grades our elected officials on the votes they took during the General Assembly Session on legislation that will have a direct impact on Virginia’s energy policy and our strategy to adapt to and end climate change.

Our planet is experiencing unprecedented changes in global climate, and human activities are primarily responsible. The Sierra Club’s positions on issues ranging from land use, transportation and water policy are all shaped by an awareness of this environmental crisis.

The focus of this Scorecard is to increase the transparency of our state legislature and keep elected officials accountable to a public who wants to know what is being done to protect the people, land and economy of Virginia in the face of a changing climate.

The areas of public policy that significantly impact climate change include the productions, usage and efficiency of our energy sector and our transportation system. 

This Scorecard provides a window into measuring legislative performance, but it not intended to be the only tool by which to evaluate the service of public officials.