Grassroots Leadership

Sierra Club Virginia Chapter Volunteer Leaders

Every day, dozens of volunteers are taking action with the Sierra Club in Virginia. From speaking out for a cleaner environment to exploring every nook and cranny of our beautiful Commonwealth, we think globally and act locally. Our work makes a difference in ensuring that we leave our children a living Virginia legacy — clean air, clean water, a stable climate, and opportunity for all people to thrive in healthy communities. 

Chapter Leadership

Judy Gayer


The Chapter Chair is the most senior official at the Chapter level and is responsible for ensuring compliance with Club policies and advancement of the Club's mission. At-large Executive Committee Member


Vice Chair

The Vice Chair supports the Chair and will assume the duties of the Chair if they are unavailable. 

Dayna Sowd


The Secretary is responsible for maintaining records of the actions of the Executive Committee and helps to ensure that responsibilities, duties and tasks assigned by the Executive Committee are carried out. 

Matt Summey


The Treasurer provides oversight of the finances of the Chapter and serves as the liaison between the Chapter and the Finance Department.

Executive Committee

Chapter Executive Committee members are responsible for ensuring that the activities and services provided for the benefit of the members by the Chapter and its groups, comply and are consistent with Chapter and Club Bylaws, Standing Rules, policies and directives of the Board, and applicable law. Members of the Executive Committee are either elected at large or represent a local group. 

Daryl Downing

At-large Executive Committee Member

Richard Groover

At-large Executive Committee Member

Tiffany Garner

At-large Executive Committee Member

Ofelia Wattley

At-large Executive Committee Member

Robin van Tine

At-large Executive Committee Member

Ralph Grove

At-large Executive Committee Member

Gaby Irizarry Negron

At-large Executive Committee Member

David Grochmal

Chesapeake Bay Group Executive Committee Representative

Joe Brancoli

Falls of the James Group Executive Committee Representative

Ann Bennett

Great Falls Group Executive Committee Representative

Rick Shingles

New River Group Executive Committee Representative

John Cruickshank

Piedmont Group Executive Committee Representative

Dean Amel

Potomac River Group Executive Committee Representative

Bill Johnson

Rappahannock Group Executive Committee Representative

Dan Crawford

Roanoke Group Executive Committee Representative

Pete Bsumek

Shenandoah Group Executive Committee Representative

Gary Kosciusko

Sierra Club Potomac Region Outings Executive Committee Representative

Tyla Matteson

York River Group Executive Committee Representative

Issue Chairs

Issue Chairs are responsible for identifying and championing priorities related to their issue area, and ensuring that all Chapter work related to their issue area is in compliance with Club policy. 

Chandler Pridgen

 Conservation Chair 

Seth Heald

 Legal Chair 

Ivy Main

Renewable Energy Cochair 

Susan Stillman

Renewable Energy Cochair

Dayna Sowd

Membership Chair

Dan Crawford

Onshore Wind Chair

Rick Shingles

Equity & Inclusion Chair

Robin van Tine

Environmental Justice Chair

Sherman Bamford

Forests Chair

Jim Lynch

Group Boundaries Chair 

Bob Shippee

Legislative Chair 

Steve Banashek

Electric Vehicles (EV) Chair

Sharon Fisher

Nuclear Power Cochair

Rees Shearer

Nuclear Power Cochair

Ralph Grove

Outings Chair

Drew Densmore

Political Chair

Bill Penniman

Sustainability Chair

Joy McManus

Transportation and Smart Growth Cochair

Anna Gosling

Transportation and Smart Growth Cochair

Ralph Grove

Agriculture Chair

Pete Bsumek

Wilderness Chair

Dean Amel

Solid Waste Chair

Ann Bennett

Data Center Chair