Young Leaders Council

The Young Leaders Council (YLC) provides a dedicated space and platform for long-standing youth leadership in the Virginia environmental community to develop priorities and advocate for policy change that reflects their interests. 

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About the YLC

 The Sierra Club Virginia Chapter has leveraged our power to influence nearly every major environmental campaign and victory in the state over the past forty years; we recognize the importance of investing in the leadership of those who will be most affected by the next forty. 

The YLC will provide an avenue for young leaders to influence the Virginia Chapter and the environmental movement in Virginia, and beyond. Members of the council will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to advocate on pressing issue that are important to them.

This is not a "youth representative" position. It's leadership role within the Sierra Club Virginia Chapter. 

Sierra Club staff will train council members on the ins-and-outs of grassroots advocacy, but the council members will decide on what issue  are most pressing, and what advocacy plans should go into action. This means that council member drive the actions, and they will have access to the Virginia Chapter resources and platform to be successful. 


  • Must be between the ages of 18-25
  • Must be able to dedicate at least 6 hours a month to YLC activity. This includes attending, in person or virtually, a monthly meeting
  • Must be able to attend the YLC Advocacy Summit in Mid- December 2022 or early January 2023. 
  • Strong interest in justice-oriented advocacy, and an interest in learning about climate change, environmental racism, as well as navigating the political landscape in Virginia. 
  • Must be able to identify and carry out a project in collaboration with other members or solo that addresses a community based environmental justice related issue. 

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