Political Programs

The Virginia Chapter’s political programs are dedicated to electing clean air, clean water and climate action champions at all levels of government. From local Board of Supervisors to the U.S. Congress and the Governor of Virginia, the decisions that will shape the future of our communities and our planet are being made by elected officials across our Commonwealth and in Richmond.


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 The Sierra Club Virginia Chapter’s Political Committee is composed of an at-large Chair and at-large Vice-Chair, and one designated member from each of the Virginia local groups. Each year, the Political Committee meets and determines our endorsement process and requirements, our endorsement timeline, and directs the Chapter Political Director to take certain actions associated. 

The Chapter follows extensive guidance from legal and compliance officers to conduct its political work. The Chapter endorses candidates for office, opposes candidates for office, and makes financial contributions to candidates through a Political Action Committee.

Together we can ensure Virginia's decision-makers understand the urgency of the climate crisis. Make a donation to The Sierra Club Virginia Chapter's Political Action Committee today

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2023 Endorsements

Virginia House of Delegates
1st District: Del. Patrick Hope
3rd District: Del. Alfonso Lopez 
4th District: Del. Charniele Herring
5th District: Del. Elizabeth Bennett-Parker
6th District: Del. Rip Sullivan
8th District: Del. Irene Shin 
9th District: Del. Karrie Delaney 
10th District: Del. Dan Helmer 
11th District: Del. David Bulova
12th District: Del. Holly Seibold
13th District:  Del. Marcus Simon
14th District: Del. Vivian Watts 
16th District: Del. Paul Krizek 
17th District: Del. Mark Sickles
18th District: Del. Kathy Tran
20th District: Del. Michelle Maldonado
23rd District: Del. Candi Mundon King
24th District: Del. Luke Torian 
25th District: Del. Briana Sewell 
28th District: Del. David Reid 
38th District: Del. Sam Rasoul
57th District: Bob Shippee
58th District: Del. Rodney Willett 
65th District: Former Del. Josh Cole
70th District: Del. Shelly Simonds 
76th District: Debra Gardner
78th DIstrict: Del. Betsy Carr
81st District: Del. Delores McQuinn 
84th District: Del. Nadarius Clark 
85th District: Del. Marcia Price
87th District: Del. Jeion Ward
88th District: Del. Don Scott 
91st District: Del. Cliff Hayes
92nd District: Kim Sudderth
93rd District: Del. Jackie Glass
94th District: Phil Hernandez
95th District: Former Del. Alex Askew
Senate of Virginia
15th District: Sen. Ghazala Hashmi 
22nd District: Sen. Aaron Rouse
23rd District: Sen. Mamie Locke
24th District: Sen. Monty Mason
34th District: Sen. Scott Surovell 
38th District: Sen. Jennifer Boysko 
39th District: Sen. Adam Ebbin 
40th District: Sen. Barbara Favola


Frequently Asked Questions

I am a candidate running for office and would like to seek the endorsement of the Sierra Club. What should I do? 
Send an email introducing yourself and your campaign to connor.kish@sierraclub.org. If the Sierra Club intends to make an endorsement in your race, you will hear back from our staff. Sierra Club does not make an endorsement in every race. When the Chapter Political Committee votes to issue an endorsement in a race, the process can vary year to year. 

What does having the endorsement of the Sierra Club mean for a political campaign? 
The campaign and candidate are authorized to use the Sierra Club’s endorsement logo on their promotional materials, the candidate could receive financial support for their campaign, the Sierra Club will inform our members in the relevant district of our endorsement, among many other benefits. 

Why does the Sierra Club make political endorsements? 
We know that decisions that will shape the future of our communities and our planet are being made by elected officials - and we need a seat at the table.

The Sierra Club Virginia Chapter has issued an endorsement in a party primary. Is that allowed?
Yes. The Sierra Club is allowed to make endorsements in party primaries or nomination caucuses and occasionally does so. The decision to do so is made by the Chapter’s volunteer Political Committee. 

Where can I find a list of who the Sierra Club supports across the country and in Virginia?
At this website! https://www.sierraclubindependentaction.org/endorsements