Stop the VRP Pipeline Expansion!

TC Energy & Columbia Gas have announced a 48-mile pipeline expansion project for the Hampton Roads and Southeast areas of VA. This project will harm communities. It Must be stopped. 

 Contact: Lynn Godfrey, Just Transition Program Manager
 (757) 305-8284

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What areas are endangered by VRP?

This project travels through Surry, Sussex, Southhampton, and Isle of Wight Counties as well as the cities of Suffolk and Chesapeake. Much of these areas suffer high burdens of pollution, inadequate infrastructure or improper sewer storage. Many of these areas are prone to flooding and include, or are near to wetlands including the nansemond River and The Great Dismal Swamp. 

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What does this project entail?

  •  Digging up and replacing 48 miles of pipe and increasing the diameter from 12 inches to 24 inches
  • Adding 135 million cubic feet of gas per day, at a higher pressure, for 'anticipated housing needs'
  • Upgrading a compressor station in Emporia to use electric turbines 

What harms could come from this project

  • Project siting in historic Hampton Roads and Southeast VA communities
    Construction's impact on wetlands,
  • clear cutting of trees and potential land mismanagement
  • Permanent right-of-way corridor owned by the company,
  • decreased property value & higher insurance rates Months of messy construction along local roads and streams and increased traffic
  • Increased risk of explosions due to the pipeline operating at a higher-pressure Greenhouse gas emissions from leaks, and cumulative climate impacts

Learn More and Action Opportunities

Visit, and search for Docket# CP22-502-000/CP22-503-000 to submit a comment.