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Air Toxins in virginia

Virginia is one of the top states for industrial air pollution. 

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Toxic pollution in Virginia has been ignored for too long.

The state pursues environmental policies that rely on voluntary compliance and self-enforcement. There is an erroneous belief among too many public officials in Virginia that pollution is one of the costs of a strong economy and jobs.

In a market-driven economy, industries with the lowest cost per unit of production prosper even if that lower cost is achieved at the expense of the public’s health and the environment.

Strong and fair standards are needed as soon as possible to establish a level playing field that insures the public is protected,businesses know the rules of the game, and those businesses that violate environmental standards are not allowed to benefit from lower costs of production by exceeding pollution limits.

Compared to the rest of the nation, Virginia is one of the worst state in terms of public exposure to toxic pollution. People of the commonwealth deserve better. 

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