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Students in Fairfax County are mobilizing in support of renewable energy. In partnership with local environmental groups, these bold students are pressing board members to install solar panels on Fairfax County Public Schools. Working together, we can bring solar to FCPS! 

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  1. Join the Facebook Group @Solar on the Schools
  2. Follow us on twitter at @SolarForFCPS 
  3. Contact the leadership team at
Volunteer now: 

Use the link above to fill out the volunteer interest form and someone will follow-up with you within one week.  You can contribute in many ways including: 

  1. Collect petitions                                        
  2. Social media  
  3. Research and drafting resources
  4. Reach youth in your community   
  5. Volunteer recruitment
  6. And much more!                


Save money: Solar prices have dropped 85% over the last 7 years and are still dropping Installing solar panels can reduce electricity bills and protect against fluctuating electricity costs. With an average lifespan of 25 years, solar panels can save millions of dollars in the long run.  

Cutting-edge education:  Solar panels offer unique opportunities to integrate hands-on experience into curricula prepare students for today's jobs.   

Create our environmental vision in Fairfax: Solar power is a clean and renewable way to produce energy, and does not leave behind water polluting waste products or cause spills that harm wildlife.