Annual Awards Presentation

Every year the Sierra Club Wisconsin Chapter has a gathering to honor our award recipients. The Chapter recognizes volunteers and organizations for outstanding service and accomplishments on behalf of Wisconsin's environment. We encourage our Local Groups to take the time to find those within their communities that inspire others with their volunteer efforts and nominate them for a Sierra Club award.

To Nominate a Candidate

The Wisconsin Chapter has identified 6 award categories, described below, that honor volunteers, elected officials or organizations that champion environmental protection. Review the awards and what they represent to craft your nomination. Then please fill out the Nomination Form (see below) and submit it with a one page letter documenting why your chosen individual or organization deserves recognition. Send award nomination forms to Lacinda Athen at

Award Categories

Please review the categories, and the targeted audience for each award, and then send us your nomination.

  • New Activist Award: Given to a person who has been a Wisconsin Chapter activist for less than two years and who is an enthusiastic participant in issues and the organization. This recipient possesses a willingness to leap into new roles and champion environmental issues.
  • Wildflower Award: Given to Sierra Club leaders in the Wisconsin Chapter, including an individual whom exemplifies all that is wonderful in the environment and the club; A mentor for new and existing activists; or An educator that promotes a positive image for the Club.
  • Merit Award: Given to Sierra Club leaders in the Wisconsin Chapter. Recipient may be an Issues champion that has effectively battled environmental challenges; a consistent leader in the environmental movement (i.e. organization leadership roles, organization builder); or one who actively carries the Sierra Club message to decision-makers and the concerned public.
  • LD Rockwell Award: Presented to an individual who has provided exceptional service to the Wisconsin Chapter political/electoral program.                                                                         
  • Good Citizen Award: Given to organizations and individuals external to the club who are championing innovative programs or processes that protect the environment.
  • Torchbearer Award: Given to Organizations and individuals external to the club, such as decisionmakers that consistently promote legislation, regulations or practices that protect the environment.
  • JJ & Pat Werner Award: The chapter’s highest honor, given to Sierra Club leaders in the Wisconsin Chapter who have shown an undying commitment to its goals and missions throughout the years. This award may also be given to a spiritual leader and facilitator promoting the health of the groups and chapters.

If you have any questions on our Awards Program, please feel free to contact our Awards Chair - Lacinda Athen.