Sierra Club Wisconsin: Our Blog

We are Wisconsin's voice for the Sierra Club, which is the nation's oldest, largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization. Our members include 15,000 of your friends and neighbors who have been working since 1963 to protect Wisconsin’s water, land, and wildlife.  Our priorities are moving Wisconsin from coal to clean energy; moving from oil to clean transportation; blocking destructive mining; protecting water; and protecting native forests and wildlife.  

Wisconsin has a strong, bipartisan tradition of conservation protection.  In fact, you can visit the Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame any time you head up to Stevens Point!   Unfortunately, this tradition has been under attack for the past several years, and we’ve been dismayed to see rollbacks to wetland protections, citizen’s rights to challenge high capacity wells, mining, and more. 

Chapter staff and volunteer leaders will share highlights of our work to restore of our work to advance our environmental priorities and restore Wisconsin’s conservation tradition on this blog, from our journey to the People’s Climate March to the fight to take back the State Senate and Governor’s seat in the election.  We’ll also share highlights from our Outings and other events!  Send any comments and reactions to our blog to us at