Protecting Water Resources

Boy fishing on a lake

Water sustains life. Fortunately for us, Wisconsin has plenty of it, as the state is bound by Lake Michigan to the east, Lake Superior in the north, and the Mississippi River to the west. Wisconsin also has over 15,000 inland lakes, 12,600 rivers and streams, and several aquifers that dot and crisscross our landscape. These are invaluable and irreplaceable assets.

These clean and plentiful freshwater resources provide drinking water to millions of people and support critical ecosystems brimming with native species. They also are a source of beauty and enjoyment for boaters, swimmers, and anglers alike, as well as those nature lovers just savoring the view from the shore.

The Sierra Club Wisconsin Chapter strives to ensure that Wisconsin's waters remain clean and safe for current and future generations. Unfortunately, however, irresponsible practices such as mining and unsustainable agriculture threaten the health of our waters. This page gives an overview of the water quality issues important to the Chapter and the state. Please click on the links below to find out more.

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To protect our water, we currently advocate for:

   •  Opposing high capacity well deregulation that threatens groundwater
   •  Supporting stronger waste spreading rules, especially in karst areas
   •  Restoring local control for livestock siting decisions
   •  Supporting federal Great Lakes Restoration Initiative funding of at least $300 million per year
   •  Supporting strong Great Lakes Compact Rules
   •  Supporting thorough oversight of water diversion requests

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