Sierra Club - Wisconsin Chapter's Political Program

The Sierra Club - Wisconsin Chapter supports the election of strong environmental leaders in state and local elections, since one of our best hopes for long term gains is building a strong legislative base to protect our environment.  We have been working to stop an unprecedented wave of attacks on recycling, renewable energy, transit, water resources, mining protections, and more over the past 4 years. We will keep fighting each proposal that threatens natural resources. But we also know that the only way to really stop these attacks is to elect pro-conservation candidates, from the US President to the US Senate and Congress on the federal level, to the Wisconsin State Senate and Assembly to local County Boards and City Councils in Wisconsin. It won't be easy, we can do it with your help! 

The purpose of the Political Committee is to help the Sierra Club - Wisconsin Chapter in our efforts to preserve the environment through nonpartisan grassroots political action. Before each election, our volunteer-powered Political Committee evaluates candidate's voting records and commitments to conservation.The Political Committee program may include federal, state, and local government races, as well as ballot measures, and shall be conducted in compliance with applicable law and in accordance with the Club's electoral compliance guidelines.

To learn about where and how to vote, visit  For help figuring out who to vote for, check out:

Sierra Club Voter Guide

Guide to the 2022 Election
Check out an easy guide with information about where to vote, who to vote for, and other ways to support the candidates this election.


2021-22 Legislative Scorecard Cover Photo

View the Legislative Scorecard
In the scorecard, the last session is summed up as “harmful inaction,’ as little progress was made while the clock ticks on climate change and air and water pollution.  Read the details about the bills that moved forward, the wins and losses of the session, and find out how your Senator and Representative voted here


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Check out our 2022 Endorsements
The inaction we saw this session is unacceptable at a time when people are unable to drink their water and climate change is already wreaking havoc. Check out our list of endorsements for legislators that are committed to reversing this pattern of inaction.



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