Legislative Tracker

Welcome!  This is your insider’s view on the Wisconsin Legislature. The chart below will tell you how your legislators are voting on conservation issues you care about, from clean energy to water protection, forestry, environmental toxins, recycling and more. 

For the full list of bills Sierra Club has registered on, see our lobbying page on the Wisconsin State Ethics Board website.  You can also consult our 2015-16 Legislative Scorecard to see how your legislators voted on key conservation issues, and visit our political page for information on elections and endorsements based on incumbent voting records and other factors.  For information on previous sessions, see our 2003-04, 2005-06, 2007-08, 2009-10, 2011-12, or 2013-14 scorecards.  Please contact Elizabeth Ward at elizabeth.ward@sierraclub.org with questions.  

Sierra Club's positions on bill are made by the Chapter's Legislative Committee, based on recommendations from issue committees and other Chapter leaders.

Title Summary Bill Number Position
Floodplain Zoning Passed 4/4/2018 AB713 SB601 Oppose
WI Fox River Commission Funding This bill provides funding of $100,000 in each fiscal year from the conservation fund for the Southeast AB911 SB817 Support
Prohibiting the funding and use of the Sheboygan Kohler-Andrae air quality monitor This bill prohibits the Department of Natural Resources from including the air monitoring site located AB588SB466 Oppose
Tax credit to limit lead exposure in a dwelling This bill creates a nonrefundable individual income tax credit and a corporate income and franchise tax AB726 Support
Chronic wasting disease management This bill appropriates $200,000 from the general fund in fiscal years 2017-18 and 2018-19 for the Department of Natural Resources to manage and test for chronic  AB474 Support
authorizing a city, village, town, or county to restrict placement of a wind energy system Under this bill, a city, village, town, or county may enact an ordinance that prohibits or regulates th AB760 Oppose
Regulations on mining for iron and mining for nonferrous minerals. Under this bill, the laws under which the Department of Natural Resources currently regulates metallic AB614 Support
Determining the Navigability of a Stream, DNR This bill establishes conditions under which, if the Department of Natural Resources has determined tha AB599 SB506 Support
Eliminating Renewable Energy Goals for State Agencies This bill eliminates the requirement that the Department of Administration establish goals for certain AB523, SB434 Oppose
Solid Waste Exemption for some Steel and Iron Slag This bill provides that the definition of “solid waste” does not include certain iron and steel slags. AB941 and SB792 Oppose